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    How to Navigate the Forum Empty How to Navigate the Forum

    Post by GundamKyriosX on Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:36 pm

    Hey all, and welcome! Im going to do my best and explain a few things about the website here. Ill explain section by section.

    This part of the website is for general talking. Ideas section is four YOUR ideas for this clan. How can we improve? Do you have a feature we could add? Next is the Discussion Zone. We use this for common speech that can range from simple conversations, to tasks people may need one's help for. Discuss anything you like here. Recruitment Zone is where we'd like you to post any new recruits you have found. When you come across a potential member, make a new thread and tell us about that person. Last, is the Introduction section. Introduce yourself to us, write a novel or a paragraph, its up to you. Talk about your favorite games, why you joined, or anything else you'd like us to know.

    This section of the website contains 2 important forums. The first is the Clan Ops section. Clan ops will be posted here. We will let you know what the op is, when it is, and a strategic method for completing the op with a hopeful gold badge. The second section is all about Member Tournaments. That's where youll go to sign up for the tournaments posted.

    Wager Arena:
    Wager Arena is our wager match section of the website. Anything about Wager Arena can be found under this title.

    For each section of the website, there are FAQ pages that tell you about certain features of the clan and website. Please read through them to gain a better understanding of the forums, so that you dont make any mistakes.

    A few notes on forum lingo:
    A thread is a topic. A thread is created by the first poster in a forum. If you would like to comment on a thread, you submit a reply. The forum itself is pretty easy to use, just look around and try to find out what's what.

    Lastly, there is a button on the top of the page that says 'Portal'. You can find forum statistics here, but more importantly, you will find youtube clips. This is where we post clan youtube videos, check back every so often, you might be featured!!

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